Lead Value Calculator

  • This is the final amount spent on your marketing campaign or your spending projection. For a trade show add the final cost of the event including travel, lodging, shipping, etc.
  • Total number of leads acquired from the campaign. These can be actual numbers or projections.
  • This is your close rate percentage. Try to base it on similar historic campaigns or product/service segments depending on your needs. I.e. For the "Traffic Signs" ad group, we have a 15% Close rate.
  • This field is the average sale amount for the campaign.
  • Enter the profit margin for your product or service line here. This should be a percentage.
  • If you would like to have your results emailed to you, add your email address.
  • Let's look at your results

  • This is your ROI number. You want this to be higher than your investment obviously.
  • This is how much a lead cost or is projected to cost for the campaign. This number is relatively useless by itself. We will want to compare this to the lead value.
  • This is the important number. We want to see this number surpass the Cost per Lead Number. This is what our lead is worth after taking total spend into account.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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