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Why I’m Running

Ligonier Valley is my home, and has been for my entire life. I’m proud to have raised a family here. Like you, I want it to be a place where our children and families can thrive and prosper. I know that fostering a business-friendly environment and allowing our people to control their own money will lead us to financial stability.

Like many other Pennsylvanians, I’ve become concerned by the direction our state government is headed in, and the impact some of its decisions have had on our community. We’re faced with real challenges, and we need solutions that tap into the potential of our people—not ones that trample over their choices and freedoms.

That means getting leadership that understands how our community feels its actions. As your voice in Harrisburg, I’ll work to ease the burden of taxes and regulations on our people, put choices in education back into the hands of teachers and families, and ensure our rights are safeguarded.

Together, I know we’ll accomplish real change for our district.

Robb Luther

About Robb Luther

Born and raised in Ligonier, I am a ninth-generation resident who—along with my wife Laurie—has chosen to raise a family here.

I met Laurie while working as a bartender at Ligonier Beach. Twenty years later, I’m a partner at a successful digital marketing agency, Laurie and I are eighteen years married, and we’ve raised four children together right here in Ligonier.

We live happily in a small stone house on the outskirts of town, where we’re growing a small hobby homestead with chickens, rabbits, and our dogs, Jake and Wiggles.

Robb and Jake

Your Voice in District 59

Place Reasonable Checks on Emergency Powers

The people of our Commonwealth are resilient, but they shouldn’t be burdened by a state government that stifles their livelihoods. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how much power is concentrated in the hands of our Commonwealth’s governor. With the stroke of a pen, businesses were shut down, schools were closed, and livelihoods were ruined. Months of wide-reaching shutdowns caused tremendous collateral damage to our state, spawning economic and mental health crises. Many small businesses never recovered.

While emergency powers serve a purpose, they must come with reasonable limits. The early days of the pandemic were chaotic, but Pennsylvanians quickly learned how to keep each other safe. Our government should have trusted the people to take it from there. Instead, it doubled down. One person should not have the ability to close Pennsylvania; I will work to limit the emergency authority the governor can exercise unilaterally.

Eliminate Property Taxes to Allow True Home Ownership

Our current system of property taxation is an obstacle to true home ownership. Requiring homeowners to pay property tax in perpetuity is akin to making them “rent” from the government until they die or sell their properties. Many Pennsylvanians work for years to buy their own homes and pay off their mortgages, only to have the government seize their properties after unforeseen financial hardship.

Unfortunately, our property tax system currently funds public education. I would advocate for an alternative, such as taxing sales of recreational cannabis, to fund education without putting families at risk of foreclosure.

Innovate Our Education Systems to Maximize Choice

A one-size-fits-all approach to education is failing our children. Teachers and families are best-suited to decide how our kids are taught—not the government. Technology and the free market can offer solutions, if we let them. That means ending restrictive statewide standards such as Common Core—so our teachers have the freedom to set their own curriculums—and creating a voucher program to put choice directly in the hands of families.