About me and my journey...

Meet Robb Luther

As a ninth-generation resident of Ligonier, I’ve lived in the Valley my entire life. My wife and I are proud to have raised our four children here. At home, we run a hobby homestead where we grow tasty oyster mushrooms and raise chickens and rabbits.

Currently, I’m a partner at a fast-growing digital marketing firm in Pittsburgh.




I met my wife in Ligonier

Over twenty years ago, I met my future wife while working as a bartender at Ligonier Beach.  She walked into the bar to watch Survivor and I asked her: “Are you going to close the bar with me tonight?”

At the time, she was thinking about moving back to Texas, but I recommended she postpone that move and allow me to show her around. Trips to Linn Run, the Coal Banks, and all the other little treasures our area has to offer ended up keeping her here (I may have also played a part in that decision).

We’ve raised our family here

Growing up, my friends and I ran through the mountains in Ligonier: Irwin Hill, Pine Hill, and Sugar Camp. I now carry on that tradition with my wife and kids, among other outdoorsy activities. Hunting, fishing, and foraging for mushrooms are a few of our favorite pastimes.


Getting elected will be the honor of my lifetime, and the beginning of real change for our community. I know the people of the Laurel Highlands—and I know they’ll flourish if allowed to lead their lives as they see fit. I’m running because we need accountable representation in Harrisburg that listens to our people and respects their choices.