Buck Season 2017 – 8 Point Whitetail Harvest

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Random Ravings | 0 comments

While I come from a family of hunters and trappers in the little town of Ligonier in western Pennsylvania, at a young age I never really had an interest in hunting. I think it was more of a patience thing looking back.

This year, with the nice late November weather, I decided to give hunting another try and asked my big brother to take me out hunting.

There were a few reasons why I wanted to do this. First off, I never killed a deer.  While most people would not consider me a bloodthirsty human being, I do eat a lot of meat. I feel like I should know more about the process my food goes through before it gets into my belly.

I am kind of reminded of the scene in Game of Thrones where Ned talks about carrying out your own sentencing.  Only Ned Stark didn’t eat the people he sentenced.

Now that I am older, the experience of hunting is a way for me to reset. Its hard to explain, but during the daily stress of life you can forget, work, family, electronics, and all the tasks and information that are bombarding your brain on a daily basis as you sit out in the middle of nowhere and participate in the most challenging game of Where’s Waldo that there is. Your focus is so intense on slowly scanning the woods and listening to every sound that everything else slides off and for a few hours, you are free. Getting the deer for me was the smaller part of the experience. I wanted to go through the process of field dressing, butchering, and exploring the cuisine of venison. I fried some venison tenderloin the next day.  If you have never had venison and would like to try it, keep in mind, it isn’t beef.  Don’t expect it to taste like beef. Venison has its own flavor. So now, I think I am hooked on hunting.  In 2018 I am going to take a shot (pun intended :)) at Archery.