Cushe Slippers – Oh lord my feet

by | Mar 8, 2015 | Excursions, Random Ravings | 0 comments

So I almost ruined my entire vacation because I actually forgot completely just how flat my feet are. The Cushe slippers I picked out looked awesome but were not really designed with arch support in mind.

On day one, we went and got beach appropriate foot ware and just decided to throw our old nasty shoes away.  I picked out a nice pair of Cushe slippers!  That day we walked over 11 miles on concrete sidewalks and streets. By the end of the day, my feet were totally killing me.

I thought about scrapping the slippers and getting regular running shoes with good support but decided to go the Dr. Scholls route. I got a pair of the sport replacement insoles and had a MUCH easier time.

I just loved the Cushe slippers and wanted to keep the easy, casual foot ware. The Dr. Scholls insoles slipped in- did not drastically alter the fit of the slipper and made them much more comfortable.

After probably 50 miles of heavy walking on the Cushe slippers, they are in excellent shape.  A little canvas fray, but that just makes them look more cozy.

I will be wearing these to death this summer.