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Egmont Key is a Florida State Park that is now primarily a wildlife refuge but has a military history as well.  It was a strategic military fort (Ft. Dade) during the Spanish American War and held military significance through WWI & WWII.

We arrived by boat (The only way you can) and waded onto shore to explore!

These are the ruins of an Artillery battery from 1906. There were later removed and sent to France in 1917.

I didn’t see a sign for this, but it appears to be a bomb/artillery shelter.  The sandbags are actually concrete.  The bag themselves are gone.

Egmont Key Home of the Gopher Tortoise

We ran into two of these gopher tortoises on Egmont Key.  They were just moseying along chewing on grass without a care in the world.
After we were done exploring the island we waded back out to the charter boat where the captain fed us chicken sandwiches and fruit. All and all, a great time at Egmont Key!