Luray Virginia - Jelly Stone Park

On our return trip from Colonial Williamsburg, we decided (by we I mean Laurie) to stop in at Jellystone park in Luray, Virginia.

Although we were only there one night, it was the complete highlight of our vacation.

For starters, the staff was amazingly friendly, helpful and just plain pleasant to be around. If any of you staffers happen to read this post, thank you.

The nightly rates are extremely reasonable. For just over $200.00 we spent a night in a rustic cabin, had a golf cart to drive around the camp, went swimming (with a great water slide), played mini golf, took a paddle boat ride and had a great campfire.  All of that for the $200.00. No extra costs. You can bet we will be going back.

So, for this trip, I will break down the awesomeness.

Swimming at Luray, VA Jellystone

Really the swimming was the highlight for us. Our kids love swimming and at Luray, we had two pools, a kid’s sprinkler park, and a really nice water slide.  If you’re used to jumping out of airplanes, the water slide will be pretty mellow but it is still super fun and the line moves fast so you aren’t spending hours waiting to go down.

Kangaroo Jumper – Air Pillows

So, not sure where to begin here.  Think, trampoline on crack.  They bounce you like nothing I have experienced. There is no fear of falling because they are dome-shaped.  Once you get off of these, it takes about five minutes to walk like an Earthling again.


What else?

The stay was awesome. Our Cabin did NOT have a restroom, but the bath house was next to it and it was completely spotless.  I was actually really shocked at how clean it was.

Paddle boats. Yeah. Well, Liam loved the paddle boats. To me… they are… paddle boats.

So the moral of the story is…  If you have ever thought about going to Luray, VA to Jellystone Park, give it a shot!