Ok, this marketing campaign made the ranks of my monthly #CoffeeBreak category!

I secretly root for K-Mart.  It is the department store of my childhood and I always loved going in there.

However, in today’s world I go into K-Mart and it just looks… bad.  The merchandising racks look like old shelving that may have come out of my basement. The aisles are so cramped and I just get an overall feeling of unease and claustrophobia.

If they can ship my pants, perhaps they could ship an interior decorator to their stores and do something!  In order for this company to survive they need to modernize.  Get people excited to go. Free shipping to my house? Oookkk… but really is that going to get me running to through their doors? Not likely.  Does this constitute as a bad marketing campaign?  I don’t know… but the message… Hilarious!

Perhaps Robert Irvine should start a new reality show… Retail Store Impossible?