The Subtle Art of Dine and Dash… Nearly.

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Our story takes place at the Wagon Wheel, a great family diner in Delmont, PA right off of rt22.

Driving home from an estate sale, Liam asked if we could eat somewhere.  Being right near Delmont, Laurie thought of the Wagon Wheel right off the bat and the decision was made.

“The only thing is, I don’t think they take a credit card.”, Laurie said.

“I am almost positive they have an ATM right there.”, and they did.  Right inside the door.

3 hours earlier

Pulling out of the driveway, less than 1/4 of a mile down the road, “I forgot my wallet.  I should turn around and go get it.”

“I have mine. I have everything you have.”

“Ok, cool. Then forget my wallet.”

Present Time

I came running out to the car from the Wagon Wheel, “Yep! They have an ATM let’s go!”

The three of us settled down next to their enormous mounted Grizley Bear.

We ordered breakfast from the nice friendly waitress and dug in once our food arrived.

At a point, maybe 20 bites in, Laurie stopped eating, looked at me and said, “I don’t know my pin.”

She had received a new card in the mail a few weeks prior with a brand new pin number that she didn’t know.  The logical solution would be to call the bank.  Which, if you are a BNY Mellon customer, you know is no small task.  First, we tried the number on the card.  It was a Sunday, so their office was closed.  We could report it stolen… but not set our pin number.

Laurie and I sat there, looking at each other. The restaurant didn’t take credit cards. At this point, Laurie couldn’t even bring herself to eat a bite of food.  I still ate my food but felt immensely guilty about it with every bite.

“You have to run home and get your wallet and we will wait here,” Laurie said to me with a deadpan stare.

“They can’t hold you hostage. There is a workaround here.” At this point, I had butterflies in my stomach.

“The Discover card!  I can set the pin there.  Call them and do it.” Laurie handed me her Discover card and I began to dial.

Finally, we had access to cash.  Or so I thought. Turns out, their ATM didn’t accept Discover.

We were reduced to slipping the beans to the waitress who was immensely understanding.  She said we could stop back later and pay them, it was no big deal!  So, we left. So that is the check dodging part.

We drove a mile up the road to an ATM that did take discover, got the cash and paid the check.

The funny thing about this story is how dramatically your emotions can affect your meal.  As soon as we felt like we were not “deserving” of the food we had in front of us, the whole experience changed!