Luther Family Excursions

Things we have done or are planning to do!

Jellystone Park – Luray, Virginia

On our return trip from Colonial Williamsburg, we decided (by we I mean Laurie) to stop in at Jellystone park in Luray, Virginia. Although we were only there one night, it was the complete highlight of our vacation. For starters, the staff was amazingly...

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Old Barn in Lewes Delaware

This was a really cool old barn we saw in Lewes Delaware.  I can imagine this as the scene of an amazing horror movie! "Chickens of the Corn" or "The House on Heifer Row" Or maybe something more sinister. 🙂 PS... If you read this post and...

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Egmont Key – Forts & Turtles

Egmont Key is a Florida State park that is now primarily a wildlife refuge but has a military history as well. It was a strategic military fort (Ft. Dade) during the Spanish American War and held military significance through WWI & WWII.

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Off to Clearwater Beach Florida!

My wife ran down the hall of our small Ligonier, PA office and into Christine's office and said, "I need a vacation!"  On Christine's wall was a postcard of a beautiful blue beach.  Laurie pointed to it and said, "Send us there!" The postcard...

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World War 3 Paintball – Johnstown, PA

I got to go World War 3 Paintball in Johnstown for the birthday party of a family friend. This is by far the best indoor paintball arena I have ever been to. Here is a quick run through if you want to see what the course is like: The prices are very reasonable and the...

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