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A Few Holiday Packaging Encounters

So I am a marketing guy and I love Christmas and this time of the year in general.  What I hate is shopping and God bless my wife for putting up with me as we causally peruse through what seems like the depths of hell for hours upon hours.  To help pass the time, I...

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Kmart Can Ship My Pants!

Ok, this marketing campaign made the ranks of my monthly #CoffeeBreak category! I secretly root for K-Mart.  It is the department store of my childhood and I always loved going in there. However, in today's world I go into K-Mart and it just looks... bad.  The...

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Bumper Sticker Marketing

It is amazing how bumper Sticker slogans have run rampant in society and how hungrily they are consumed.  Look at Politics.  I am 100% certain entire speeches are designed to coin one or two bumper sticker phrases that can then be chanted by acolytes and consumed by...

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