Place Reasonable Checks on Emergency Powers

The people of our Commonwealth are resilient, but they shouldn’t be burdened by a state government that stifles their livelihoods. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how much power is concentrated in the hands of our Commonwealth’s governor. With the stroke of a pen, businesses were shut down, schools were closed, and livelihoods were ruined. Months of wide-reaching shutdowns caused tremendous collateral damage to our state, spawning economic and mental health crises. Many small businesses never recovered.

While emergency powers serve a purpose, they must come with reasonable limits. The early days of the pandemic were chaotic, but Pennsylvanians quickly learned how to keep each other safe. Our government should have trusted the people to take it from there. Instead, it doubled down. One person should not have the ability to close Pennsylvania; I will work to limit the emergency authority the governor can exercise unilaterally.


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